Com-Ware Publishing Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1990 in Budapest, Hungary.
We were mainly publishing magazines, CDs and DVDs in connection with information technology in early '90s.

After the millenium we started to deal with Internet issues like content providing and developing for example for 5 years we were developing and maintaining the Telecommunication magazine (Telebox) for one of the main commercial TV channels of Hungary (TV2).

During the last 5 years we have been busy with information technology developing with our subcontractor partner company (Webgeneral Technology Ltd.).

Design, Prepress

Our company has a 25-year history in graphic designing, and shipping brochures, folders, books, magazines and Business Cards mainly in the European countries.

Offset Printing

Our company has a 25-year history in producing (Offset Printing), die-cutting, special finishing & several assembly processing with our subcontractor partner company (EPC Ltd.).

IT Development

We have already developed complex recruiting & training systems in connection with business building and duplication for several Network Markeing companies.