III. Create landing page(s)

You are able to create an unlimited number of Morinda landing websites!

Click on the "Create/Modify landing page(s)" menu, then click on "Create a new landing page" button.

Add (type) a subdomain name, and select a main domain (if selectable). This url will identify your Morinda landing page on the internet (eg: username.noniworld.net).
- Then enter the personal Morinda ID number and click on the "Next" button!

- You do not need to enter your name, e-mail address, and phone number because that data will also appear on your landing page that you've entered within your "My Profile" page.
- You can set your phone number and/or your email address to appear on your landing page.
- Then you can enter the full link of your personal Facebook page, and some additional information (eg Skype address).
- Then you can specify whether the personal referral link is displayed on your landing page (If Yes - Choose the appropriate text).
- Check your Morinda ID number (correct it if it's wrong).
- Choose a Morinda landing page template (click on the selected image - If there are more choices).
- Check the data.
- We're not kidding! Click on your personal page link and you will be able to view your own landing page. How simple is it? You can only see this page now! Please Log in with your e-mail address and password.
- Now you can review your landing page.
- If you have activated your subscription and we have received the subscription fee, then anyone can reach your landing page.
- If everything is correct, click on the "Save data" button.

Now in your backoffice click on the "Create/Modify landing page(s)" menu. Here you can see all landing pages you have created previously. You can now create the next landing page. Click on "Create a new landing page" button again.

The structure of your Morinda landing page:

1) The title/slogan associated with the Morinda network
2) Language setting

3) Your personal referral link in Morinda network (if you switch on)
4) Video player screen (pre-defined network dependent video templates)
5) Lead text 6) "Get more information" form
7) Your contact data

8) Related Links (e.g. Morinda corporate Website)
9) Related corporate social networking channels
10) Social sharing


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We would really like to hear about your experiences of using My System.

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