Create your 2D QR Code Business Cards online NOW! Our QR Code generator can be used for free online and lets you create your own QR Codes!

Choose one of the Business Card templates in our webstore, enter your contact data and order your personal Cards TODAY! Try it! We're not kidding! Try to scan the QR code on the Business Card sample with your smartphone. VOILA - you will never need to type URLs manually! Most camera-equipped smart phones or tablets are able to decode this 2D QR codes on your business cards.

Let's summarize!

  • No.1. Just choose one of the pre-defined business card templates in our webstore.
  • No.2. Enter your contact data (your webpage's url is the most important).
  • No.3. Check the sample (Try to scan the QR code).
  • No.4. Approve sample(s), order your Cards!
  • A Website without a Business Card, or a Business Card without a Website is WORTHLESS! Both are essential!

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