The first thing to talk about is that there is no single "standard Business Card size" for a Business Card. Most countries will have a preferred average Business Card size (85 x 55 or 90 x 50 mm) which is more commonly used, but that's not to say that other sizes aren't also used by businesses based in that country. The "9x5" name reflects the standard size of Business Cards that is mainly used in almost all parts of the world.
This card size is shared by a large number of countries across the world, including Argentina, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, Mexico and South Africa.
The UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium all tend to go for a slightly narrower average Business Card size at 85 mm by 55 mm.
If You're in the USA or Canada, the standard size of a Business Card here is 89 by 55 mm. Australia and New Zealand share the same Business Card dimensions, as do Northern European countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Taiwan also shares the same size, which is 90 mm by 55 mm. The Japanese paper size is 91 mm by 55 mm. The standard Business Card size used in China, Hong Kong and Singapore is 90 mm by 54 mm.
The two-dimensional barcode was first intended for the automotive industry, it quickly became popular worldwide and within a variety of fields along with the rise of the smartphone era. In a nutshell, the QR code (Quick Response) is in fact a two-dimensional barcode with 100 times greater storage capacity than a regular barcode. The QR code is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the mobile sector. a Business Card with QR code is an excellent way to connect the off-line and on-line worlds.
We are not a quick printing company (like in the Shopping Centers). We don't support the Inkjet or Laser Proofs. Inkjet and laser prints are known to look substantially different than offset printing. This is due to the varying results from different output devices including inkjet printers, and laser devices. We don't offer quick turnaround and low prices for printing to a “pleasing color” standard, because there is no guarantee that your finished piece will match your printed sample.
Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. We use the 2540 dpi CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) four-color printing process.
Each project is priced with prepress process (including QR Code creating), quantities, inks, papers, die-cuts and special finishing or assembly taken into consideration.
This is an area we specialize. We can print both sides with heavy impression and minimal show through by duplexing the sheets together after print. Printing two sides can make a project more expensive because it is adding additional production time.
We recommend ordering a minimum of 250 cards, especially if you are doing something complex. With the number of production steps usually involved in our card production, we highly recommend you order more at first. With setup costs for each production step, it will cost less to order more at first, rather than pay for all the production steps all over again.
Your Business Cards take 7-10 business days to be printed. Shipping generally takes 2-5 days depending on location in Europe, 7-15 days to other continents, but all delivery dates are estimate. is not responsible for delays caused by the Couriers or International postal services. has no control over the courier services or any other common carriers’ delivery schedules and cannot guarantee when mail or shipments deposited with or released to these carriers will be delivered. responsibility is limited to preparing your mailing and completing delivery to courier company.’s responsibility ends courier company takes possession of package. In no event shall be liable for courier company performance failures or delivery delays.
You may request to cancel your order at any time prior to the creation of a design proof at no cost.
We do our very best to provide our customers with uncorrupted, quality products. While we do thoroughly inspect our cards before shipping, it has been found on rare occasions that, during transport in rough conditions, cards can be lost and may be damaged. If you receive a package that is missing cards or has been damaged in some other way, please contact our customer service department immediately by mail. is not responsible for damage incurred during shipping. Title for finished work passes to the customer upon delivery to the carrier at shipping point. For more information, please read Return Information in our T&C.
If our printing does not meet industry standards due to errors made on our behalf, we will either re-print and re-ship the job at no charge or give a credit for a future order. We will not refund money for any reason once an order is finalized. Orders mistakenly placed for the wrong product, quantity, card templates, and any text information are out of our control; as such, we shall not be held responsible, nor will we be obliged to provide a discount of any sort.
Re-printable item:
Production errors made on our behalf during the production process.
Not a re-printable item:
Grammatical or spelling errors, or omissions made on artwork provided by the customer.
You may want to set a small goal. Maybe you want to hand out 5 Business Cards or 1 a day, or 7 a day. Set a goal of a number that you know will generate you one prospect. Well, if that takes you 20 Business Cards, then every time you hand out 20 Business Cards you can expect the duplication of your system. If it takes you 40 Business Cards, then that’s what it takes. If it only takes you 2 then you are really good at convincing people at the first impression. Whatever it takes, you start multiplying that over time and you will come up with a success formula as far as how many people you need to invite, how many people you need to follow up on in order for you to achieve your financial dreams.

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