Using the System

Welcome to SmartNetworking System! Not knowing where to start is one of the biggest challenges that new members have to face.

I just want to remind you of the 3 Elements of Success in Network Marketing.
1) Choose the right company.
2) Work with the right people.
3) Use the right system.

Using this complex SmartNetworking system, you will never get rejected and you will never have to put "friends" in an uncomfortable situation.

The THIRD factor is using the right system. It gives you a track to run on, tools to accomplish your goals and a proven way to duplicate down through your entire organization. So it is not you but the system. That way anyone who wants to can succeed.

Many people have failed In network marketing (or as Napoleon Hill said, accepted "temporary set back" as permanent), because of the lack of a good system. This SmartNetworking system is the best. It does and will work if used as designed.

Please take the time to understand its basic simple but powerful concepts. Then follow it exactly, using the approach to creating the curiosity to get people to your website that you feel most comfortable in using. Let the recruit website do all the "heavy lifting" for you.

Why is the most important thing to have a system? That is the key to duplication. Now you can continue to do all the things you now do, like webconferences Skype calls, meetings, seminars, leadership weekends, global conferences, etc. But this system will just aid you with another powerful way of getting to your goal faster. Plus many can and will be successful just using this system. Be sure and take the specific training on the system and make sure you and your people understand and follow it. You will be glad you did.

So what is the main function of a landing / recruiting site? Your personal landing page is just about filtering the interested people. And what is the main purpose of the back office in this system? Your backoffice are about training. The back office is designed to comply with two main functions. Train new members in the business and keep members in the business.

Training is a big, big focus of the Back office. In fact, probably the most important thing especially for a new member is to get properly trained when entering the business. If you want to refresh your memory on how to find prospects or how to work in cold markets, or how to work on prospects, or how to use the telephone all you have to do is go to your website. Click on that log in button. Type your e-mail and password then click on the ENTER. Go into the "Online Training" section.

Let's see another menu. One of the most important is called "Business Cards". It says order cards here. If you don't have your business card yet with your name and your new recruiting website on it then you need to get yourself some business cards (also known as marketing cards). And these cards will be very important in just a second when we start talking about the 5 important steps.

5 Steps

So now let's talk about how you use this for making money, and how you save time by using the 5 Steps.

Step number 1 is to get yourself an own SmartNetworking System.

Okay. So that is the first step. You've got to get your complex SmartNetworking webpage system before the rest of these steps are even possible.

Okay, Step 2. Let's say you already have your web site. Great. First step accomplished.

Step number 2. Order Business Cards!

For personal contacts you've got to get yourself some business cards with your name and your web address on them so that as you go out and start meeting people and talking to people you've got something that you can hand them that will remind them exactly where to go to see your opportunity or learn about your products.

There may be a question: "How stupid this step is, because we are building an internet business! Why should we return to the "old" methods, as e-mail marketing is more effective wherever we live in the world!" Then we realized that physical contacts, personal encounters or even during a holiday abroad the business card is an essential tool!

Step 3 is get your training.

Go to your website. Log into your back office. Click on the Online Trainings button and a bunch of little boxes are going to pop up in front of you. Those are all individual training modules. Those training modules range anywhere from 5 to about 30 minutes a piece and each one of those training modules is designed to share information with you that will specifically help you succeed in your business as a network leader with this incredible opportunity and products.

Okay so Step 3 is get your training. There are other very important trainings back there. There is a training module called "What's First". Very important. There is a training module called "Card Marketing". Very important. There is a training module called "Follow Up and Close". These are going to become extremely important, you see how those steps apply to you making money in this business. You're going to want to get in there and take those training modules.

Step number 4 is where you really start putting your knowledge into practice. It is called "Prospecting/Marketing or Inviting" whichever you want to call it.

The point of step number 4 is getting people to go to your website. All right. Step 4 is about you getting people to go to your website. Now what ways can you get people to go to your website? There are a lot of them. You can use the business cards. Card marketing. You could use flyers authorized by the company. You can also send an e-mail! You can use any type of marketing at your disposal or within your budget that could guide people to your website. That's what you want to do. Okay, so don't think you're limited to just one-way or another of marketing. Whatever it is that you have been doing so far in your business if it's worked, keep doing it.

All right here we are at Step 5. Follow Up & Close!

You have gone through the first 4. You've taken a lot of the hard work and you've got it behind you now. It's time to start making money. You've got your SmartNetworking system (your landing pages and your back office with trainings). You've got your business cards in your hands. You've been trained. You've been out prospecting and suddenly you get an email, a lead from a possible prospect. You need to follow up on this new lead.

What is the real key to success? Well, there are the three rules to success of course you can't escape. Then you've got steps to success within the system. But the final and most important overall thing that you need to do to be able to succeed in your business is to be persistent! You simply can't ever give up. You're not going to get every single person you give a card or send an e-mail to go to your website. You're not even going to get 1 in 10 people to go to your website who just signs up on his own. What's going to happen is that you are going to be have to be out there doing that prospecting on a regular basis consistently over time to reach the success you dream of.

How many people should I contact during a specified period of time in order to be successful? Now, we can't say an ideal goal. You may want to set a small goal. Maybe you want to hand out 5 business cards or send 5 e-mails a week, or 1 a day, or 7 a day. Set a goal of number that you know will generate you one prospect.Well, if that takes you 20 cards or e-mail, then every time you hand out 20 cards or send 20 e-mail you can expect the duplication of your system. If it takes you 40 cards or e-mail, then that's what it takes. If it only takes you 2 then you are really good at convincing people at the first impression. Whatever it takes, you start multiplying that out over time and you will come up with a success formula as far as how many people you need to invite, how many people you need to follow up on in order for you to achieve your financial dreams.

We look forward to meeting many more of you out in the field as we go. And again we just want to finish up by saying, remember to never, never quit. This system will only work if you keep working the system.

Here are few words, that sum up the whole "thing" about success: "IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME." - I'll see you in the winners' circle!

The SmartNetworking™ Team


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